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She Says - The Cleaner Life Month

It’s been a while since the last food-related Hangry Pants challenge, but I’m ready again! Mark and I have done several 30-day challenges since completing our first challenge, Meatless Month.

Chef Sebastian Cole
Chef Sebastian Cole
Jun 07, 200910.2K Shares136.9K Views
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  1. Food Goal - Reduced Consumption Of Processed Foods & Toxins
  2. Product Goal - Paraben, Petrochemical & Sulfate Free Products
  3. Final Thoughts
She Says - The Cleaner Life Month

It’s been a while since the last food-related Hangry Pantschallenge, but I’m ready again! Mark and I have done several 30-day challenges since completing our first challenge, Meatless Month. I’ve learned that I can do almost anything for 30 days. Then, when the challenge is over, the behavior I was “testing” becomes much less daunting. Therefore, I’ve decided to tweak some things in my life gradually. Nothing too drastic, just some small changes that I’ve been wanting to make but have been lacking the motivation and discipline to accomplish.

You might remember that I recently expressed an interest in doing a little research this month about some of the products I eat and use on a daily basis in an effort to live a less toxic life. This was all based on Dr. Ginger’s opinion of some of the worst, better and best products to eat and use.

I came up with The Cleaner Life Month, which is going to run kind of like the “Crap Free Weeks” that was made popular a couple of months ago by Chandra, Caitlin, and Angela, to name a few. This, however, will be a month and it will include non-food products as well. The changes represent my ideal; how I would eat and what products I would use if I lived my version of perfection. Of course, I am not perfect, so these are more goals than rules.

Food Goal - Reduced Consumption Of Processed Foods & Toxins

  • Purchase mostly certified organicor local produce.
  • Max one cup of coffee/day. Drink more tea instead.
  • The no white flour rule applies to all foods. I want to drastically reduce my packaged & processed foods intake, which includes chips, cookies, crackers, goldfish or pretzels, to an eventual nothing. If I have something like that, I will try to make it organic and, in accordance with rule numbers 1 – 3, white flour, soy and white sugar free.
  • No white flour.
  • Try to get mostly organic wheat bread and other whole grains. Sprouted grain breads when possible ($$$).
  • No artificial sweetener, including diet Coke, sugar-free gum & mints!
  • No white sugar.
  • If I buy something in a package, it should have organic sugar in the raw, honey, or maple syrup. Ideally, it will only have agave.
  • If I bake something for myself I will use agave or natural sugars like bananas.
  • Less soy in general and no tofu. After the soy milk in my fridge is gone I am switching to organic cow milk or some other milk.
  • Be more aware of the hidden soy in products!
  • Milk
  • Sweeteners
  • Bread
  • Processed Foods
  • Caffeine
  • Produce

Product Goal - Paraben, Petrochemical & Sulfate Free Products

  • As I purchase new products, replace with those that do not contain parebens, petrochemicals & sulfates. I can’t spend more money than usual. That means I can’t buy all new lotions and house products right now. As I use them up, I will try more natural alternatives. This might not happen this month, but because I am interested in permanent changes, I promise to get them eventually and report back. I know I will need toothpaste and deodorant soon!
  • Research products before I buy them.

You might want to knowwhyI chose to change these specific things. First, it’s based on my own personal desire to eat good whole foods and take care of myself. I’ve often noticed, especially in the last year or so, that I feel bloated and weighed down sometimes. Maybe eating less processed foods will reduce this feeling. Please note, he month is not about no sweets or treats! I think forbidden fruit only tastes sweeter. Deprivation generally leads to mindless overconsumption and that is not the point!!!! Second, now that I know no more about what is in my skin, dental, and hair products, I cannot ignore it. Third, I direct you to these posts.

  • My Worst, Better, Best Post
  • My Organic Importance Post
  • Gena’s Soy Post

Final Thoughts

  • I do not have unlimited funds and must stick to my usual $50-60/week food budget.
  • I do not live a life of absolutes. It is part of my food philosophy not to label things as good or bad, and I will stick with that here. I am doing this challenge to improve myself and, therefore, want to make changes in a way that will work for me. I know that means cutting myself some slack and doing it gradually.
  • The Cleaner Life Month runs fromJune 8th – July 8th, a time the includes my birthday, Mark’s birthday, the 4th of July & countless other summer cookouts. Obviously, this is not an easy time to try to do this, but it never is.
  • And for the most exciting part …
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